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Cathy Bernatt
President, Creating...
Outward Bound Japan International Program Coordinator

Cathy has spent 25 years as an experiential educator and facilitator working in both the public and private sector. Before coming to Japan, she spent 10 years as a professional experiential educator working with young offenders in adventure-based community-wilderness programs in Canada.


She has experience working as a teacher-therapist with emotionally troubled youth and as a mid-shipman and teacher on a tall-ship which sailed from Poland to Jamaica. Throughout her career, Cathy has observed the impact experiential and action-learning methods have on helping clients achieve extraordinary results. She has worked with a wide range of clients from all over the world in settings that range from a 47-meter tall ship to the corporate boardroom. She has clients in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and Central, Eastern & Western Europe.

Launching Creating... in 1998, Cathy's mission and passion is "Realizing Unlimited Potential in People & Organizations."

Cathy has a Master's Degree in Leadership Studies from Azusa Pacific University, a Bachelor of Education (Teaching Certification-Junior Intermediate Level), a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Philosophy and Neuropsychology from the University of Toronto and an Associate of Science with a major in Chemistry and Biology from Miami Dade Community College.

Cathy is a Team Management Systems Certified Instructor; MBTI Step 1 Qualified Instructor; Leadership 1 Certified Instructor for Citigroup, Outward Bound International Global Facilitation Network Leader. She has completed intensive training programs that include The Centre for Creative Leadership--The Looking Glass Experience, Dr. Stephen Scheitevoerder's 5-day Process Work-Group Facilitation Workshop, 5-day Residential Group Action Workshop (Saint-Jory-de-Chalais, French Dordogne & Tokyo, Japan), Arthur Hull Certified Drum Circle facilitation training, and 2-week Czech Outward Bound Intertouch Program Playing Japanese drums (taiko) semi-professionally, facilitating Rhythm Circles and running Wanderlust adventure tours are a few of Cathy's current passions.

Living in Japan for the last 15 years, Cathy has been nicknamed "The Blue-Eyed Japanese" by the people who know her best.

For the past 7 years, Cathy has also worked as the International Program Coordinator for Outward Bound Japan.

Voice of the Client:

  • "Cathy is passionate about her work and dedicated to contributing all that she can to those that she provides services to. These qualities combined with a very high sense of responsibility and accountability means I can trust her implicitly to live up to her word. All in all, a very strong performer, knowledgeable and respected in her field and tireless in her effort to grow and improve" (Larry Purdy, Vice-President, Training & Development, Citigroup Japan)

  • "Cathy Bernatt stands out among the top leadership trainers in Japan. For example, she received top evaluations by mid-career MBA students in her co-teaching with me at Hitotsubashi University's Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy. Participants in our course invariably came away with valuable and lasting insight into their leadership strengths and weaknesses, steps they could take in motivating subordinates and eliciting employee concerns, and how best to focus their own leadership talent. Cathy designs her training programs so that the flow and continuity of activities build on each other to culminate a resolution that is illuminating (and often surprising) for partipants in its depth and scope. She is willing to surface conflicts that other trainers shy away from, and she handles very difficult issues with a combination of directness and deep compassion. Her training leaves a lasting impact because in her every action, she embodies her message of leadership through empowerment. Cathy Bernatt is truly a remarkable leader and a leader in this field." (Tish Robinson, Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, National Center of Sciences Tokyo- Japan)

Voice of the Participant:

  • "Outstanding! Open, warm, stimulating, good sense of humor; charismatic, clear. Great stories, metaphors and quotes to illustrate points. High-energy, dynamic, flexible. Very talented! Also, Cathy created a great "space" in which to experiment, as well as great camaraderie!" (Leading Innovation & Collaboration)

  • "Cathy does a great job in guiding and leading (in a very positive sense) participants to engage in very deep reflective thinking. The end result is we find answers from what we knew ourselves and link to practical skills that allow us to make that a usable competency going forward. Thanks!" (High Quality Customer Service)

  • "Cathy has a tremendous understanding of people and what makes them tick. I was comfortable sharing my problems and aspects of my self not normally revealed." (Effective Coaching)

  • "This class was an "eye opener" for me. Although many things learned appeared to be common knowledge, the explanation of how this impacts you and your interaction with other people was very revealing. It was a great boost to my confidence knowing why I do the things I do and how I come to the conclusions and decisions I make." (Leading High Performing Teams)

  • "Cannot say enough about Cathy and her abilities. She was incredibly knowledgeable and enjoyable to listen to and interact with." (Leadership 1)

  • "Effective in ensuring participants' full interaction, clarifiying key take aways, injects humor into training." (Strategies for Managing Change)

  • "One of the best facilitators I have ever worked with." (Leading High Performing Teams)

  • "Incredible ability to answer tough questions on the spot." (Managing Problem Performers)

  • "Thank you. It's great for me to hear more critical comments rather than the standard "great job" which is always received at work." (Leading Innovation & Collaboration)

  • "Very clear in getting ideas and help across to participants. Overall, one of the best courses I have ever attended and will recommend to fellow in-charges at same level..." (Leading People Skillfully)

  • "Cathy's professional commitment to guide her subject's development is very genuine and at a level that is rare in this setting. She could have just run through the book to deliver the intended message, but instead found only the useful points of the text to help her with illustrating the essence. I will attend her "Leading Teams" or other management programs if I have the opportunity." (Leading People Skillfully)

  • "Excellent trainer providing insights into conducting such a difficult but important process." (Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals)

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