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Yuka Suzuki, Facilitator, Creating...

Yuka is an instructor and facilitator, specializing in the areas of conflict resolution and intercultural communication. She was born and raised in Japan, and lived in the United States for several years. While in the US, Yuka worked for several institutions including Vanderbilt University, The University of California at Santa Barbara and Keio Academy in New York.

  Yuka Suzuki

Yuka is bi-lingual and bi-cultural in both Japanese and English. Yuka began work with Creating... in 2004. Her strong academic background in linguistics and intercultural communication has contributed to the development of programs geared for our Japanese clients. Yuka facilitates Creating... leadership programs in Japanese.

Yuka has conducted workshops in the areas of conflict management, intercultural communication, diversity training and leadership in many leading corporations in Japan such as Hitachi, Toyota Industries, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Citi-group and DSM.

She also currently holds positions at Waseda University (Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Research), Asia University (Department of International Relations), Obirin University (Department of Language and Communication).

Yuka has expertise in curriculum design and learning activities. She has presented at professional conferences including the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) in Japan and The Annual Conference of the Association of Teachers of Japanese, held in Washington DC. She has also published books and articles in the areas of conflict resolution, gender issues and Japanese language learning.

Yuka holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Seikei University, a Master of Arts degree in International Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is a PhD candidate at Sophia University in the Department of Education. Yuka has completed a certificate in Teaching Japanese as a Second/Foreign Language from the Long-Term Teacher Development Program at the National Language Research Institute. She also has a certificate from the Institute of Japanese Language Pedagogy at Columbia University. Yuka is a Team Management Systems Certified Instructor.

Yuka resides in Tokyo. Her current passion is acting. She participated in the acting workshop by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and enjoyed playing Viola in the Twelfth Night. She is interested in applying acting techniques to teaching communication.

Voice of the Participant:

  • "She was very powerful and talked confident and it made me think I wish I had a boss like her. I want to learn more about the way that she never denied and made us feel confident. I learned a lot. I hope to see her again." (Leading People Skillfully)

  • "I saw her professionalism. She was dedicated and as I felt her power, so I worked hard and as usual and got tired." (Leading People Skillfully)

  • "The way of her organization of the course was easy to understand and approachable. The cheerful atmosphere was really good. (Leading High Performing Teams)

  • "Her follow-up discussions were sound and it helped me to concentrate on the session. The example of her students was interesting." (Leading High Performing Teams)

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