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Hitotsubashi University ICS in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan invite you to join:

An Interactive Discussion/Workshop Dealing with Divisions of Loyalty in the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

Thursday, May 5, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.


How did you respond to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami? Did you stay? Did you leave? As we return to work in the aftermath of this crisis, unspoken conflicting feelings between those who left and those who stayed may lurk beneath the surface, potentially raising issues of loyalty to company vs. loyalty to family vs. loyalty to self. The term "Fly-jin" has been coined to denote both foreigners and Japanese who left Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami - the alternative term "Stay-in" connotes those who stayed.

Decisions in crisis and trauma cannot be judged under the same assumptions that hold in normal times. In crisis, people in trauma or shock are operating under different neurological conditions. You or your co-workers may have been in shock without even realizing it. Often more primal survival instincts overtake our normal day-to-day rational thinking. Yet, when we return to work, our behavior in trauma is often judged under the same assumptions as normal. On one side, there may be feelings of resentment, anger, or numbness by those who stayed - or there may be other feelings or no acknowledgement of feelings at all. On the other side, there may (or may not) be feelings of guilt, shame and relief by those who left. Where conflictual feelings exist, if these issues are not brought out into the open, they can fester into long-term resentment and ill will in the work place.

This interactive discussion and workshop offers an opportunity to explore the various perspectives represented by those who left, those who stayed, headquarters in the U.S., Europe, etc. that evacuated senior managers to avoid liability issues, and other perspectives not immediately visible around this issue. Please join us and add your perspective! You may come away with new insights and understanding.

BYOBB: Bring your own Bento and Beverage! …but please avoid messy food to protect the carpet!

TRAUMA WORKSHOP, Friday, May 6: For those interested in ways to cope with trauma around the earthquake, there will be a full-day workshop on Coping with Trauma on Friday, May 6 in Omotesando. For more information, please contact Cathy Bernatt at: <cathy.bernatt@creating.bz>.


Speaker Bios:
Emetchi, MA, AASP (Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapy), is a certified Process Work Diplomat on the faculty of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, U.S. where she teaches, supervises, trains and mentors students. She has a private psychotherapy and consultation business and teaches within the U.S. as well as in Central America, Australia, New Zealand and in different countries in Europe. She has thirty years experience working therapeutically with a wide range of government and non-government agencies. Her trauma work brings a fusion of much clinical experience and her own personal trauma history.

Ginger Griggs is a Tokyo-based business consultant, trainer, teacher, and executive coach who specializes in personal and organizational leadership development. In addition to her work with corporate clients, she is a professor in the MBA in Globalization Program at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business. Ginger brings to her work 14 years experience as an educator in the USA and 10 years in Europe and Japan as a manager in The Coca-Cola Company. She is fluent in four European languages and has Master’s Degrees in International Management, Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change, and French literature. An active proponent of service and giving back to the community, in addition to her work, Ginger holds leadership positions in several non-profit professional organizations in Tokyo.

Tish Robinson is a professor of Systems Thinking and Organizational Development at Hitotsubashi University ICS, having received her Ph.D. from MIT and her MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change from the Process Work Institute. Her research focuses on conflict and organizational change. Her research on the HR Practices of American firms in Japan has received awards from the Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business, as well as a Fulbright Fellowship and a Shintaro Abe Fellowship. Her OD training and consulting clients include: Berlitz, Denso, Dentsu, Goldman Sachs, JTB, Mitsui Trading, Mizuho Financial Group, and SMBC, among others.

Date: Thursday, May 5, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Venue:Hitotsubashi University ICS (Kanda Campus), Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Floor 7, National Center of Sciences. Please enter the building through the side door, since the rest of the building is closed for the Golden Week holidays.

Map: <http://www.ics.hit-u.ac.jp/direction.html>

Cost: Free of Charge and open to the Public

BYOBB: Bring your own Bento & Beverage, please.

Registration: Email Tish Robinson at probinson@ics.hit-u.ac.jp to register.

Host: Hitotsubashi University ICS and ACCJ Human Resource Management Committee

Language: English

Note: This meeting is ON THE RECORD


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