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Leading People Skillfully

Core Leadership One--Leading People Skillfully is for new managers or managers who have not had formal leadership training. In addition to Leading People Skillfully, there is a selection of skill-deepening courses designed to enhance the range of essential skills introduced in the core program. Our experiential and action learning approach helps to maximize the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Core Leadership One:
Leading People Skillfully

For managers with 0-2 years experience

Staff new to management positions will leave understanding and having practiced the foundational skills of leadership. These include a clear understanding of a manager's roles and responsibilities and the behaviors required to perform effectively. Participants practice communicating for influence and getting results while building trusting relationships. Setting goals and expectations, coaching and feedback are essential components of this course. Each Participant will take away a comprehensive professional development plan.

Voice of the Participant:

Superb mix of highly relevant skills & information as well as opportunity to anchor experientially

Overall, it was very rich and resourceful in context, and a very stimulating and practical leadership workshop for new managers.

The contents of the course were highly relevant to my current position. Ever day after I left, I applied some aspect to my present job.

Though I expected a kind of technical skill to be a good manager, it turned out that the most important thing was very simple: good listening. I think that was a precious discovery.

In every section, I understood myself better as well as my role.

The following matrix provides an overview of the Skill-Deepening Programs in this series.
Please contact us for more on each program.

Skill-Deepening Programs


Voice of the Participant

For new managers or managers who have not had formal leadership training

Clear Objectives

(1/2 Day)

This workshop teaches participants how to formulate clear, achievable-based, and measurable objectives. Whether we are creating a presentation, chairing a meeting, managing a project or budget, and/or planning a trip, success is determined by our ability to work towards accomplishing clearly stated S.M.A.R.T. objectives.

Overall, very well organized. Helpful for me to redefine my goals clearly.

Will be useful for junior and middle class management. Should be taken by many more people at my company.

I learned how to set objectives clearly, not only professionally but personally.

It really helped me focus on how to achieve goals.

Effective Coaching

(2 Days)

This course provides hands-on experience coaching.

Participants will have an opportunity to discover their strengths and areas for development when coaching and giving feedback to others. Strategies for adapting one's coaching style depending on the situation will be emphasized.

The myths and the assumptions of coaching have been corrected. I think I have learned the practical skills to be utilized in my job. (The course was very practical and easy to understand.)

The best thing I got was exchanging opinions with different people openly and honestly. With that opportunity, I’m highly motivated to work positively on problems I’m facing in the workplace.

I learned coaching skills systematically. Also the contents were very useful to my real work.

The best thing was I could clearly understand the difference between Coaching and Leading.

Managing Problem Performers

(1 Day)

This seminar will provide managers and leaders with the skills needed to resolve workplace conflicts and handle key performance issues effectively, particularly those dealing with problem performers. Through experience, participants will acquire the knowledge, tools, skills of reflection and inquiry, and strategies required to optimize staff performance.

Contents of the course were rich. I gained skills that will be useful at Performance Reviews in the future.

The course was well organized. It was concise, easy to understand and helpful to deal with problem performers. Though I don’t think that this course can change everything, it was a good opportunity for me to think about leadership.

I learned a lot of useful things for communicating not only with my staff but with people in general. I will use the techniques I learned here.

I appreciate that I was at level 0 before the course but I’m now about level 5.

The course went along with the thoughts and challenges I have right now, so it was meaningful for me to participate.

Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals

(1 Day)

This course will provide the technical and interpersonal tools needed for managers to conduct performance appraisals that lead to positive outcomes. Participants will engage in hands-on practice on how to review achievements, agree to future objectives and outline action points for future improvement.

I re-realized the importance of listening. Also I learned tools to communicate negative issues in a better way and make a shift to goal setting and finding the points to be improved on.

Well defined and straight to the point. It gives trainees an opportunity to practice real life scenarios.

I wonder why my company doesn’t make this course mandatory for the people who are in positions to conduct performance appraisals. Maybe HR doesn’t know the reality that many of managers don’t know how to conduct performance appraisals.

Good content and has shown me how I can use this effectively in my current manager role both for appraisals and with main tasks.

High Quality Customer Service

(2 Days)

This course will help you develop the skills required to consistently deliver top quality customer service to internal and external clients. Case studies, videos, experiential exercises, reflection and inquiry will be some of the core methodologies used in the course.

Customer service is the base of every personal relationship in business. This was wonderful training in which I could reconfirm the primary base.

Very satisfied with the amount of time invested in role plays continually focusing & reminding ourselves on being present & building trusting relationship.

The content is relevant not only to work but personal relationships.

The course is well organized with flexibility. I especially liked “FISH” video.

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