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Core Leadership Three--Leading Innovation & Collaboration is for managers with 3 or more years experience who have completed Leading People Skillfully & Leading High Performing Teams. In addition to Leading Innovation & Collaboration, there is a selection of skill-deepening courses designed to enhance the range of essential skills introduced in the core program. Our experiential and action learning approach helps to maximize the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Core Leadership Three:
Leading Innovation & Collaboration

For managers with 3 or more years experience who have taken Leading People Skillfully & Leading High Performing Teams
- 2 days -

The third stage of the leadership journey will provide leaders with an opportunity to focus on developing a range of practical tools that foster creative, collaborative & innovative communities in the workplace.

This program will enable leaders to share best practices, discover obstacles that get in the way of innovation and collaboration, and explore strategies for overcoming those.

Voice of the Participant

I found the topics both interesting and relevant, the ideas were fascinating and applicable and the skills very useful in my daily work.

Very insightful & refreshing course – one of the best courses I have attended in recent times.

Course was well-designed in terms of content, very relevant and a good mix of theory and real practical examples.

Relevant and well-organized. Live and hands-on examples are particularly valuable.

Rich mix of useful concepts, models & strategies.

The following matrix provides an overview of the Skill-Deepening Programs in this series.
Please contact us for more on each program.

Skill-Deepening Programs


Voice of the Participant

For managers with 3 or more years experience
Prerequisite: Leading People Skillfully & Leading High PerformingTeams

Creating... Thoughts on the Spot

(1 day)

This workshop provides participants with concrete tools to assist them in increasing their competency in impromptu communication. Whether responding to unexpected questions posed by a manager or a client, or debating controversial topics in our workplace or community--the ability to think on our feet and speak without preparation in a clear, concise and logical manner greatly improves our chances of accomplishing our most challenging professional goals.

I thought that this was a very useful course. The content and the materials supplied, especially the examples performed, were right to the point. I was able to grasp all the objectives precisely through the examples.

The workshop being interactive, I was able to reflect how well/poorly I was doing. It was practical, and I really want to use today’s lessons in my day-to-day business.

It was very useful and effective for me. In the morning I was nervous and anxious, but as the workshop unfolded I learned more and more. It was a well-designed course.

To be able to participate in a workshop which was based on the experiential learning, was very beneficial for me and for my career. Before this course, such communication skills were usually introduced/learned through books only.

I learned how to effectively and appropriately express my ideas/opinions in such a short time.

Cross-cultural Presentations Journey

(17.5 Hours)

The aim of this seminar is to train participants to create and deliver powerful, effective presentations. At the heart of the course is an easy-to-understand visual model of the essential parts of a presentation and how to combine them successfully. Emphasis is on active participation and creativity, small-group work, role-plays, and discussions, as well as group and self-evaluations. Employing the ideas and methods learned during the seminar, every participant will create four presentations consisting of three different types (informative, instructional, persuasive.)

I really understand how to build a presentation (opening, body, summary, conclusion, spice, transitions).

I understood the basic consistent construction of powerful presentations. Every point was useful for me.

I’ve learned many important points (logical order of a presentation, spice, useful expressions…) I’ve never learned how to make presentations in such detail.

To learn how to design a presentation was most useful. Previously, I always lost the points in the body and the objectives and the conclusions would differ.

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