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Leading High Performing Teams

Core Leadership Two--Leading High Performing Teams is for managers with 2-5 years experience. In addition to Leading High Performing Teams, there is a selection of skill-deepening courses designed to enhance the range of essential skills introduced in the core program. Our experiential and action learning approach helps to maximize the transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Core Leadership Two:
Leading High Performing Teams

For managers with 2-5 years experience who have taken Leading People Skillfully
- 2 days -

Leading High Performing Teams is the second stage in the leadership journey. Building on the skills developed in Leading People Skillfully, this course will provide leaders with the tools required to lead teams effectively.

Through case studies, role-plays, an individual team profile (TMP), 360 Team SWOT analysis and experiential exercises, this course will help leaders inspire and motivate teams to achieve best results in meeting objectives and company goals.

Voice of the Participant

This is my first such course, and so I have been introduced to many very insightful and practical activities and methodologies that have given me a different outlook on my work, my team, and most of all, myself. Fantastic!

I think I found another side of myself by looking at the difference between how I think personally and how I think when I work within a team.

The content of the course was interesting because there was a link to the reality.

Practice! Practice! Practice! I will practice!!

In the course many questions were posed and many different approaches. I look forward to utilizing new approaches in real work situations.

The following matrix provides an overview of the Skill-Deepening Programs in this series.
Please contact us for more on each program.

Skill-Deepening Programs


Voice of the Participant

For managers with 2-5 years experience.
Prerequisite: Leading People Skillfully

Facilitating Successful Meetings

(1 Day)

Effective leaders know how to lead a meeting so that the knowledge, ability, and creativity of individual group members are powerfully combined to generate the best results. Mastering the skills for facilitating meetings successfully will yield both short and long-term benefits. Whether you lead quality improvement team meetings, team problem solving meetings, project management meetings, department meetings, self-directed work team meetings or informal sessions, this course will help equip you with the skills you need to facilitate successful meetings.

I, myself, organized the meetings only for my own purposes most of the time but I learnt the usefulness of sharing information properly with others.

Good ideas for meeting formats that will hopefully be useful in real life.

Relevant, appropriate.

Contentwise- great!

Strategies for Managing Change

(1-2 Days)

To develop awareness of what happens to us individually and organizationally when change occurs and to develop strategies for constructively dealing with change.

I learned about 'Changes' in a systematic way. I want to utilize changes in a better way both for myself and the organization.

I gained wisdom into how to deal with changes in daily life with minimum stress.

I learned 'Change' happens on a daily basis and change looks differently based on how I view it; it is very subjective. I shared my own challenges & struggles with everyone and was given different feedback. Now I think I can initiate change.

The discussion tends not to be active in this kind of training but the discussions in this course were really rich, in terms of the time and content, and were very interesting.

It was good that the course covered everything from practical tools to the mental approaches.

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