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March 2012 Special:
Organizations as Living Systems: Process Work Contributions to working with stress, trauma, personal and team challenges in organizations.
With Dr. Stephen Schuitevoerder
Saturday 17th to Tuesday 20th March, 2012

3月 2012 スペシャル:
2012年 3月17日~3月20日

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Creating... specializes in conflict transformation, leadership training, organizational development and Executive and Individual Coaching. Utilizing an experiential process-oriented and action-learning approach with an emphasis on the leader looking within (self-reflection), we aim to help individuals become outstanding leaders and assist teams to find creative and constructive solutions to workplace challenges. Our programs are available in English or Japanese.

Learn by Doing... Reflecting... Applying...

Our Mission

Our mission is "Realizing Unlimited Potential in People & Organizations."

We strive to accomplish this through our Process Work approach to conflict transformation, integrated leadership training, executive coaching, offsite facilitation and residential intensive group work & facilitation training programs. One of our strengths is customizing our programs for both small and large organizations. We operate in a variety of settings, from the corporate training room to the wilderness. We have more than 20 years experience in Japan working with a multi-cultural client base. One of Creating's core beliefs is that in order to provide top quality service to our clients, we must each be continually challenging, developing and "looking within" to maximize our own potential. In all we do, we aim to WALK OUR TALK! Please contact us for more information (please find the contact info at the bottom of each page.)

Our Values

To develop genuine, open and honest dialogue; To produce #1 quality in all we do; To embrace integrity in all we do; To engage in ongoing lifetime learning, assessment and improvement of ourselves, our products and relationships with our clients.

Our Philosophy

Creating...'s core philosophy is most beautifully expressed by the motto of the Outward Bound Czech School Lipnice: "All the problems and conflicts of the world are reflected in each of us and the world is a reflection of ourselves. Therefore, we must seek the key to their solutions from within." This captures our belief that leaders must "look within" -- focus on self-reflection -- as the first step in developing themselves, their teams, their communities and their organizations.

Process Work Institute

The M.A. in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change is a dynamic, limited residency program blending theoretical study, intensive skills training, and independent research in process-oriented approaches to groups, conflict, leadership and change.
MACF Program (pdf)

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